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United Church Ferndown is a group of people who have experienced the life-transforming power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. But what does that really mean in today’s world?

Isn’t any kind of faith in a God who can’t be seen an illogical, unscientific running away from the truth? Shouldn’t we be trying to ‘grow up’ in our thinking and depend more on ourselves and less on myth and fable? Those questions are often heard today.

And then there’s the problem of violence and intolerance. Why would anyone be interested in a faith that seems to judge people who are different? Isn’t religion the cause of most of the violence and many of the wars in our world?

These are powerful questions. We believe that there are answers to each of them – that it is misguided for humankind to believe that we have all the answers and we have nothing to learn; that there is no conflict between science and religion, rather that they are answering very different questions; and that it isn’t ‘religion’ but the very human characteristics of greed, envy, hatred and a desire for power that result in conflict.

But we don’t think that long debates – especially on the internet – do much to help people who are struggling with real-life issues. Jesus wasn’t that much into religion; much more into building a relationship of trust.

So here’s what we say: we have found that the message of Jesus brings a fresh start, release from the burdens of past life-choices, and a new hope. And we know that the best way to test that is to come and meet with us, and ask us the difficult questions face-to-face.

We promise not to parrot trite, easy answers to difficult questions. We promise to listen as much as we speak, and to make a real attempt to get to know you. But we also promise to introduce you to the one who has made all the difference for us.

If you want to read more, then we think the folks here at Christianity explain things rather well – but there’s no substitute for talking to a real person!

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