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Week of Prayer

The week beginning 3rd September is our ‘Week of Prayer – when we commit the life of the Church for the coming year to God. It’s always a joy and a blessing to meet together to offer back to the one who is the Lord of the Churh everything that goes on here. Here’s how the week shapes up:

Monday: Prayer Meeting 2pm
Tuesday: Prayer Walk around the area. 3 centres, 7pm onwards.
Tiddler toy clean and pray
Wednesday 9:30, we will be washing and sorting toys for tiddlers and praying for the group too. If you would like to join us, we would be happy to see you! Feel free to bring some rubber gloves!
Friday: From 6pm onwards:
Creative PrayerPrayer Walk round the building Prayer Stations focused on Mission
7:30pm: Intercessory worship
Saturday: Prayer Breakfast with the papers! 8am
Sunday: Covenant Service 10:30am

Coming along to every event isn’t what we have in mind: but we do hope that everyone will be able to come along to at least one of these vital Prayer Gatherings.


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