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17/7/2016 Basix 9: “Walk the Talk” (All-age)

Basix 9: ‘Walking the Talk’

Jesus once preached a long sermon – he taught the people lots of things about God, and he taught them how they should live. Some hard things:

Love your enemies and pray for those who do awful things
Don’t judge other people – look honestly at yourself first
Give generously to those who are poor

All that teaching is for us too. But if we listen to what Jesus says, but then we don’t do it, then we are pretending to follow Jesus. Jesus said this:

If you hear my words and put them into practice, you are like a wise man who builds on rock. When the rain comes, your house stands firm. But to hear my words and do nothing about them is like building on sand: the rains come and the house falls down.

Let me teach you a song! Miriam didn’t want my song for Kids Club, but I think it’s a great song. So we’re doing it anyway!

There’s one man in the bible who is an expert on getting walls built: Nehemiah.

Let’s build a wall!


Nothing to build with. Pray, and ask God! (Boxes outside to start with)
A huge task: work with others. Nehemiah builds a team. (encourage Saskia to get friends)
Enemies. Pray, and work with a sword in your hand (use one YP as enemy; give child a sword)
Hardship: Nehemiah is ready to spend and give (when kids get tired, produce sweets)

Let’s look at the whole story

Buliding the wall was tough, but Nehemiah keeps on working, getting the job done in the face of opposition. Living what Jesus taught us is hard; but we can remember the four lessons.

1. Pray, and God will help.
2. Don’t do it alone.
3. Stay protected.
4. Expect to give.


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