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15/5/2016 Basix 4: The Bible

Books (real ones, not downloaded) are undergoing a bit of a revival, it seems. Apart from the Bible, what is your favourite book? (make a list). My favourite? Lord of the Rings. A great adventure story.

What did I expect?

Romance – love stories.

Adventure – the battle of good and evil.

Information – telling us what we need to know.

Crime – insights into what people are like – the nice, and the not-so-nice.

History – what happened in the past, which helps us understand the present.

Biography – stories of great people who inspire us.

Science (or Speculative) Fiction – wondering how things might be in the future.

And all of these are found in the Bible. The Bible tells me about me – the way I am, why I am the way I am, and why people behave the way they do. The Bible tells me about God – who He is, and what He cares about. And as I discover those things, I find out that there’s a problem – I’ve done things that have hurt God. But what makes the Bible the great book it is is that it tells me that God has acted to put that right – it’s the story of His Son, who has gone on a great journey to show us how much He loves us. He’s fought a battle, and has triumphed. The story of Jesus is the greatest adventure ever told, and the best love story, tells of the worst crime, and shows us how the future can be. It’s all the things we could ever want!


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