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The primary series we’re currently exploring are:

Rowing in the Storm

Church Anniversary 12/5/2019 with Chris Kelly Chris shares with us the links between the experience of the disciples as Jesus sends them across the lake, and as they grow fearful – of the storm, and even of Jesus walking to them. How can we flourish through times of storm in our lives?

24/7/2016 pm Psalm 6

Psalm 6 “The Lord has heard my weeping” Another of the Psalms that talks about the Psalmist asking God for help in tough times. I don’t want to repeat myself, so I’m not going to work through this Psalm bit by bit. Although I do want to say this. Of the 150 Psalms, 68 can…

5/6/2016 pm 1 Peter 5: Shouldering Responsibility

1 Peter 5:1-14 “Shouldering Responsibility” Some keys to the continued faithfulness of the church as the days continue – individual christians, gathered churches and networked believers. Shepherd with integrity. Leadership that has at its heart a desire to bless, not to profit, exploit or dominate. Leadership that understands that in the church, whatever is true…