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This is a brand new website. We’ve been planning to get it started for a while – so that the ‘new look’ building would be complemented by a new look on the Web. But I confess that I kept putting it off – there were so many other things that had to be done. I’d done some of the preparation work, but that big step – of taking the plunge and committing – seemed a bit beyond me.

In the event, it happened by accident. I set out to do one more preparatory thing – and found that I had inadvertently ‘gone live’ with the whole site. Well, once that had happened, the rest just followed on; I had to carry on with what had been started. No point wondering ‘what if’ – just get on with it.

And more than a few moments like that happen in the course of any normal person’s life. Some people get into a relationship without being quite sure how it happened; others take a job that they later realise they hadn’t properly understood. And while sometimes that’s bad news, more often than not we discover that the surprising decision turns out to be the best thing we ever did!

I became a Christian nearly 40 years ago now. And I really had very little idea how much that one decision would impact upon my life. As I look back now, I can see that everything changed as a consequence. And while it hasn’t all been easy or comfortable, I’ve enjoyed the ride. God had better plans for me than I could ever have imagined.

If you have been wondering about how it would change your life if you started following Jesus, then I’d say: “Take the plunge. Take a risk. You can’t foresee the outcome? Of course you can’t – not all of it. But my experience has been that the decision I took, even when I could see such a short way ahead, was the best thing I ever did.”

Check back here again soon – and get in touch if you need to talk.


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