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One things I’m sure of in this time when a General Election coincides with the season of Advent. And that is that come Friday there will be almost equal numbers of people who are delighted and disappointed by the result. It’s the way our system works – or fails to work. This election season –…

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Vision, Values and Mission

People have a right to know what we’re up to. Following Jesus isn’t about joining a secret society; our agenda is plain for all to see, and if our methods are underhand or dubious, that undermines everything we do. Some while ago we set out to clarify just what it is that we are doing,…

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Troublesome Jesus

Through Lent this year we’re following the ministry of Jesus as he travels towards the Cross. And we’re looking at those moments where he is particularly awkward. Time after time, Jesus shows those around him that there are two different ways to live and think in this world, and he challenges us to choose to…

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Ferndown’s Big Questions

What are the Big Questions of life? We’re asking Ferndown through October, then trying to discover the answers on the Mondays of November.

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Week of Prayer

The week beginning 3rd September is our ‘Week of Prayer – when we commit the life of the Church for the coming year to God. It’s always a joy and a blessing to meet together to offer back to the one who is the Lord of the Churh everything that goes on here. Here’s how…

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Prayer Gatherings

We’re setting apart an evening every couple of months for a whole church Prayer Gathering. We’ve selected the dates, and identified the themes: February 21st: Partners in Mission – focusing this time on the recent trip to Romania. April 18th: Our Community – praying for the local community and for other local churches. July 18th:…

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On the first Sunday morning of each month, we’re trying a new way of meeting together. re:vive is an informal get together, starting with a (late) breakfast, any time from 10am onwards, followed by an opportunity to talk together about some aspect of what it means to follow Jesus in today’s world. There’s worship, prayer,…

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What we believe

United Church Ferndown is a group of people who have experienced the life-transforming power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. But what does that really mean in today’s world? Isn’t any kind of faith in a God who can’t be seen an illogical, unscientific running away from the truth? Shouldn’t we be trying to ‘grow…

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Getting started

This is a brand new website. We’ve been planning to get it started for a while – so that the ‘new look’ building would be complemented by a new look on the Web. But I confess that I kept putting it off – there were so many other things that had to be done. I’d…

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