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Prayer Gatherings

We’re setting apart an evening every couple of months for a whole church Prayer Gathering. We’ve selected the dates, and identified the themes: February 21st: Partners in Mission – focusing this time on the recent trip to Romania. April 18th: Our Community – praying for the local community and for other local churches. July 18th:…

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The Advent conspiracy

This year, Advent conspiracy’s themes: Spend Less, Give More, Worship Fully, Love All are inspiring our Advent preparations. Check out their brilliant video!

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On the first Sunday morning of each month, we’re trying a new way of meeting together. re:vive is an informal get together, starting with a (late) breakfast, any time from 10am onwards, followed by an opportunity to talk together about some aspect of what it means to follow Jesus in today’s world. There’s worship, prayer,…

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Pray for Manchester

There are no words adequate to express the shock, outrage, anger or compassion that pretty much anyone and everyone will be feeling just now. Our prayers – and, wherever possible, our compassionate action – is all we have to offer. I’m touched by the response of the people of Manchester itself, which has demonstrated in…

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Good will to all?

Christmas is one of the times in the year when it is so easy to find ourselves saying one thing, and doing exactly the opposite. For example – we celebrate ‘Peace on Earth’ – but find that family arguments happen all too frequently. We talk glibly about how much fun it is to give gifts,…

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Conquer hate with love

This has been a tough year, especially for the people of France. The killing of Father Jacques Hamel in Normandy has just been the latest in a whole series of brutal attacks. And let’s not pretend that there are easy answers, like excluding Muslims from one country, as if all (or even most) Muslims supported terrorism;…

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Why do we bother to pray?

Christians pray. It’s what we do – one of the key things that marks us out as followers of Jesus is that we pray – and by ‘pray’ I don’t mean recite words that are laid down for us, or perform religious rituals. I mean enter into a conversation with God our Father, because we…

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Living in Exile

On Sunday evenings we’re using Peter’s first letter to help us understand what it means to live in this world as ‘exiles, scattered’ (1Peter 1:1). To be deeply embedded in this world, but to know that we have another allegiance. Here are the dates, topics, and texts for the rest of the series. Look out…

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On Sunday mornings from this week until July we’re starting a new series called ‘Basix’ – looking at the foundational teachings that constitute the Christian Faith. It won’t be quite every week – there will be a few interruptions, and every now and then we’ll take a break to look at a current issue –…

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The Easter Paradox

People who don’t go to Church seem to know what they are doing at Christmas time. That may not always connect to the thing that Christians call Christmas, but they can usually explain what they are doing. For many it’s a celebration of family; for a few it’s the ancient marking of the turning of…

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