IMG_1107-001Great to have you here – this is United Church Ferndown. On this site you’ll find news of what we are doing, what we believe, and how we can help. Listen to some of our sermons; get to know some of the people who are ‘the Church’ here.

Just generally take a good look around – and then get in touch (there’s a ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of every page) or even come along – there are details of our activities on the ‘What we do’ tab.

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Why do we bother to pray?

Christians pray. It’s what we do – one of the key things that marks us out as followers of Jesus is that we pray – and by ‘pray’ I don’t mean recite words that are laid down for us, or perform religious rituals. I mean enter into a conversation with God our Father, because we […]

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Living in Exile

On Sunday evenings we’re using Peter’s first letter to help us understand what it means to live in this world as ‘exiles, scattered’ (1Peter 1:1). To be deeply embedded in this world, but to know that we have another allegiance. Here are the dates, topics, and texts for the rest of the series. Look out […]